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  • Guaranteed return to meet your saving target

  • Single premium with 3 currency options

  • Extra protection for your loved ones

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The product information here does not contain the full terms of the policy and the full terms and conditions can be found in the policy document.

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**Customers can enjoy Extra bonus at maturity for successful application of Well Save 3-Year Endowment Pro and reach designated premium during promotion period**
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  • Guaranteed return

    You can get a guaranteed cash value at the maturity date in the 3rd year. Whenever you need, you can fully withdraw your fund and guaranteed return without incurring any charges.

    Annual guaranteed rate of return as following:

    Policy year HKD RMB USD
    1 2.00% 2.25% 2.10%
    2 2.00% 2.25% 2.10%
    3 3.75% 4.73% 3.67%
    Average annual guaranteed rate of return on maturity 2.52% 3.07% 2.62%
  • Choices of policy currency

    You can choose either USD, RMB or HKD as policy currency.

  • Options available for maturity benefit settlement to meet your financial need

    To help you achieve different financial goals, you can choose to receive the maturity benefit value in a lump sum or by annual annuity payments for 5 years.

    1. Default option for maturity payment is lump sum. If you would like to select annuity payment, please submit written request to us at least 2 months before the maturity date.
    2. Annuitization rate is not guaranteed and shall be determined by us in absolute own discretion at the time of maturity. Once the annuitization rate is determined at the time of maturity, it becomes guaranteed.

  • Additional benefits to protect your loved ones

    In the unfortunate event, this plan provides terminate illness benefit (on a non-indemnity basis), accidental total and permanent disability benefit, death benefit and/or accidental death benefit (as the case maybe) to support you or your family to get through difficult time.

  • Easy to apply, no health declaration

    Applying via internet, you don’t need to answer any health questions or go through any medical examination. Quick and easy!

This product is a long term insurance plan underwritten by Well Link Life and is neither a bank deposit nor a bank savings plan.

  • Objectives and nature of the policy

    Well Save 3-Year Endowment Pro is a non-participating insurance product offering guaranteed returns throughout the policy period, and at the same time providing you with various additional protection.

    You will receive guaranteed cash value at time of surrender or on maturity date. Neither a bank deposit nor a bank savings account, this plan is an insurance product to help you accumulate wealth.

    Well Save 3-Year Endowment Pro also offers:
    - Death benefit equivalent to 105% of total premium paid1 or the guaranteed cash value (whichever is higher); or
    - Additional accidental death benefit equivalent to 30% of the total premium paid1 if such death as a result of an accident; or
    - Terminal illness benefit equivalent to 105% of total premium paid1 or the guaranteed cash value (whichever is higher) if diagnosed with a terminal illness; or
    - Accidental total and permanent disability benefit equivalent to 135% of total premium paid1 or the guaranteed cash value (whichever is higher) if suffered from total and permanent disability as a result of an accident.

    1If life insured is covered by one or more policies under the Well Save Endowment Series, there will be a limit for each life insured for each benefit. Details please refer to the product brochure or terms and conditions.

  • Benefit period and premium payment period

    Benefit period = 3 Years Premium payment period = Single Premium

  • Important information

    This product is a non-participating policy. The offer of this plan is limited and its availability is at the discretion of Well Link Life. Well Link Life reserves the right to decline applications for this plan with a full refund of any premium paid without interest.

  • Major product risks

    Liquidity Risk - You may choose to apply for a policy loan while the policy is in force. But this may reduce the terminal illness benefit, accident benefit, death benefit and accidental death benefit. If you surrender the policy before the maturity, you may only receive the surrender benefit with all the indebtedness of the policy deducted which may be significantly less than the total amount of premiums paid.

    Credit Risk - Any premiums you paid would become part of our assets and so you will be exposed to our credit risk. Our financial strength may affect our ability to meet the ongoing obligations under the insurance policy.

    Policy Currency Risk - If the Plan you choose is denominated in currencies other than local currency, or, if you choose to pay premium or receive benefit in local currency other than the policy currency, the actual amount you paid or received will be subject to change according to the prevailing exchange rate to be determined by us from time to time between the policy currency and the local currency. The fluctuation in exchange rates may have impact on the amount of payments including but not limited to premium payments, levy payments and benefit payments.

  • Major exclusions

    For all accidental benefits:
    *Any pre-existing condition;
    *Any kind of sickness or disease, or bacterial or viral infection except bacteria infection resulting from an accidental cut or wound;
    *Suicide or self-inflicted injuries while sane or insane;
    *Drug-taking other than under the prescription or direction of a physician, abuse of alcohol or the taking of poison;
    *Professional or hazardous activities or sports;
    *Violation or attempted violation of the law or resistance to arrest or participation in any brawl or affray

    For terminal illness benefit:
    *Any pre-existing condition;
    *Drug taking other than under the prescription or direction of a physician, abuse of alcohol or the taking of poison;
    *Disease of or infection with any HIV and/or any HIV-related illness;
    *An intentional self-inflicted act

    Above listed is for reference only. Details of full exclusions please refer to Policy Terms and Conditions.

  • Cooling-off Right

    This right allows you to cancel this policy, obtain a refund of any premiums paid within the Cooling-off Period. The cancellation notice must be signed by you and received directly by us at our office address within 21 calendar days immediately after the earlier of the day of delivery of (i) the policy or (ii) the Cooling-off Notice to you. The Cooling-off Notice is a notice to be sent to you by us notifying you of the Cooling-off Period around the time of policy delivery.


  • Note:
  • 1. This plan is underwritten by Well Link Life Insurance Company Limited.
  • 2. The above content contains general information for reference only. It is not part of the policy and does not contain the full policy's terms. Please refer to the policy documents for the full terms and conditions of this plan as well as the complete definitions of the capitalized terms. You should read this information alongside the brochure and other relevant materials which cover additional information about this product, including but not limited to benefit illustration (if any), other marketing materials, policy provision and other policy documents, which are available upon request. You may seek independent professional advice if necessary.

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