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Meet Your Needs

  • Enough protection to the family

  • Affordable premium

  • Subsidize medical expense when diagonalized with critical illnesses or encounter serious accident

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The product information here does not contain the full terms of the policy and the full terms and conditions can be found in the policy document.


  • Financial protection to your loved one

    In unfortunate event of passing away, your loved ones will receive a lump-sum benefit which ensure they are taken care of financially at difficult times.

  • Optional critical illness protection to prepare in advance

    If unfortunately you are diagnosed with any one of the 62 critical illnesses, a lump-sum benefit on non-indemnity basis will be paid to help relieve the huge medical cost burden. You only need to pay a small additional premium.

  • Optional accident protection to complete the safety net

    In any unfortunate event of passing away, dismemberment, major burn or total disability due to accident, a lump-sum benefit will be paid. In addition, we will pay double indemnity under certain conditions. You can make your protection more comprehensive.

  • Easy to apply, no medical exam is required

    Applying via internet, you only need to answer a few health questions. No medical examination is required. Quick and easy!

  • Guaranteed renewal up to age 85

    Well Link Life guarantees that you can renew your policy every year, up to age 85

  • Option to convert to whole life insurance plan

    Before you reach age 60, you can convert the life insurance and critical illness benefit to a whole life insurance plan without requiring any proof of health condition.

  • Benefit Items

    Basic life insurance - death benefit equivalent to 100% sum insured

    * Can select:

    Critical Illness Supplementary Benefit -

    * This is a benefit of non-indemnity nature
    * Cover 62 critical illnesses

    * If being diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses, critical illness benefit equivalent to 100% sum insured

    Accident Supplementary Benefit -

    Benefits include:

    Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Third Degree Burn Benefit

    Total and Permanent Disability Benefit

    Benefit equivalent to 100% sum insured

    Double Indemnity -

    Under special conditions, we will pay two times of the sum insured. Special conditions include:

    - while being a fare-paying passenger within any mechanically propelled land vehicle for public transport;

    - as a result of natural flooding and/or landslide in Hong Kong;

    - pass away together with spouse as a result of the same accident; etc.

  • Important information


    This product is a non-participating policy without any savings element. The product includes life insurance, critical illness insurance and accident insurance and is aimed at customers who want comprehensive protection solution that comes with great flexibility at affordable premiums.


    Guarantee to renew every year. Premiums are determined based on the risk class (including but not limited to age, sex and , smoking habit and occupation class, as the case may be). We reserve the right to review and adjust the premium rates for particular risk classes on every policy anniversary.


    All premiums should be paid on or before their respective due dates. A grace period of 31 days is allowed from the due date of each premium. Coverage under this policy will continue during the grace period. If you fail to pay the premium after the end of the grace period, this policy will lapse immediately.

  • Major product risks

    Credit Risk - Any premiums you paid would become part of our assets and so you will be exposed to our credit risk. Our financial strength may affect our ability to meet the ongoing obligations under the insurance policy. Inflation Risk - Cost of living in the future is likely to be higher than it is today due to inflation. Hence, the insurance coverage planned today may not be sufficient to meet your future needs.

  • Major exclusions

    For Critical Illness Supplementary Benefit and Accident Supplementary Benefit -


    any pre-existing condition;


    any symptoms or conditions of the diagnosis due to sickness within 60 days after the policy being effective;


    drug taking other than under the prescription or direction of a physician, abuse of alcohol or the taking of poison;


    an intentional self-inflicted act;


    professional sports, racing of any kind, underwater activities involving the use of breathing apparatus, aerial flights (including bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, ballooning, parachuting and sky-diving) other than a crew member or as a fare-paying passenger on a licensed carrying commercial aircraft operating in a regular scheduled route or any hazardous activities or sports unless agreed by special endorsement

    Above listed is for reference only. Details of full exclusions please refer to Policy Terms and Conditions.

  • Cooling-off Right

    This right allows you to cancel this policy, obtain a refund of any premiums paid within the Cooling-off Period. The cancellation notice must be signed by you and received directly by us at our office address within 21 calendar days immediately after the earlier of the day of delivery of (i) the policy or (ii) the Cooling-off Notice to you. The Cooling-off Notice is a notice to be sent to you by us notifying you of the Cooling-off Period around the time of policy delivery.


  • Note:
  • 1.This plan is underwritten by Well Link Life Insurance Company Limited and intended for sale in Hong Kong only.
  • 2.This webpage contains general information for reference only. The product information does not contain the full terms of the policy. The benefit coverage and full terms can be found in the policy document. If there is any conflict between the policy document and this webpage, the policy document shall prevail.

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