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Meet Your Needs

  • Adequate protection to your loved one

  • One-off single premium only

  • Affordable Premium

The product information here does not contain the full terms of the policy and the full terms and conditions can be found in the policy document.


  • Financial protection to your loved one

    If the life insured passes away unfortunately, the beneficiary will receive a lump-sum death benefit equivalent to 100% of the sum insured.

  • Coverage period up to 20 years

    You can enjoy a maximum of 20-year coverage with single premium. Enjoy a worry-free future.

  • Convertibility to permanent insurance plan

    You may extend your protection by converting all or part of the sum insured to a permanent life insurance plan without evidence of insurability at any time before the life insured’s 60th birthday.

  • Benefit Items

    Death Benefit:

    Equivalent to sum insured at time of life insured's death

  • Benefit Term and Premium Payment Term

    Benefit Term:

    10 - 20 years

    Premium Payment Term:

    Single Premium

  • Important information


    The Plan is a pure life protection and non-participating insurance product and does not entitle the policyowner to participate in the profits or surplus of the Company. The Plan provides life protection throughout the policy period.


    No surrender value shall be allowed on the termination of this policy.

  • Major product risks

    Credit Risk

    Any premiums you paid would become part of our assets and so you will be exposed to our credit risk. Our financial strength may affect our ability to meet the ongoing obligations under the insurance policy.

    Policy Currency Risk

    It is borne by policyowners. If the Plan you choose is denominated in currencies other than local currency, or, if you choose to pay premium or receive benefit (including surrender or death benefits) in currencies other than the policy currency(ies), the actual amount paid or received by you will be subject to change according to the prevailing exchange rate to be determined by the Company from time to time between the policy currency and the local / payment currencies. The fluctuation in exchange rates may have impact on the amount of payments including but not limited to premium payments, levy payments and benefit payments.

    Inflation Risk

    Please note that the cost of living in the future is likely to be higher than it is today due to inflation. Hence, the insurance coverage planned today may not be sufficient to meet your future needs.

  • Cooling-off Right

    This right allows you to cancel this policy, obtain a refund of any premiums paid within the Cooling-off Period. The cancellation notice must be signed by you and received directly by us at our office address within 21 calendar days immediately after the earlier of the day of delivery of (i) the policy or (ii) the Cooling-off Notice to you. The Cooling-off Notice is a notice to be sent to you by us notifying you of the Cooling-off Period around the time of policy delivery.


  • Note:
  • 1.This plan is underwritten by Well Link Life Insurance Company Limited and intended for sale in Hong Kong only.
  • 2.This webpage contains general information for reference only. The product information does not contain the full terms of the policy. The benefit coverage and full terms can be found in the policy document. If there is any conflict between the policy document and this webpage, the policy document shall prevail.

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